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     Though, the production of following materials have been ceased, should you have any inquiry regarding Mn compounds
     and glass beads, please contact us since the process technology and part of equipment still remain within Hanchang.

Manganese Oxide(Mn3O4) :
Using its patented process, Hanchang solely manufactured high purity
     Mn3O4 in Korea. The high purity Mn3O4 is a major ingredient for soft ferrite.

Mn Powder :
Mn powder is an ingredient of welding rod. Hanchang was the sole
     manufacturer of Mn powder in Korea

Glass Beads :
Hanchang was a sole manufacturer of premium grade glass beads for
     night reflective paints in Korea

Terephthalic Acid Catalyst :
Hanchang developed a catalyst for terephtalic acid synthesis.

Zinc Sulfate:
Zinc sulfate is a base material for zinc compound.

Cobalt Sulfate :
Cobalt sulfate is a base material for pigments and battery.

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