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Zn-Br flow battery?

The needs for large scale energy storage system (ESS) is increasing as the shortage of electricity and the penetration of renewable energy increase. Zn-Br flow battery, which is highly economical, stable and scalable is a candidate that will lead future ESS market.

- High purity: synthesized with high purity zinc and bromine
  compounds, Hanchang’s ZnBr2 solution shows low level of
  impurities which are the source of hydrogen evolution.
- In-house synthesized quaternary ammonium salt (QAS)
  reacts with bromine to form stable complex.
- High purity ZnCl2 supporting electrolyte is added to improve the stability
- Hanchang has wider analysis equipment to quickly meet
  customers requests.

  Production capacity : 30 MT/month.

Contact : sales.electrolyte@hanchem.com