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Hanchang’s HCX13Li is a lithium (Li-LSX) molecular sieve, specially developed for oxygen generation by VSA and PSA type oxygen generator (O2-VPSA). HCX13Li has high adsorption capacity as well as high N2/O2 selectivity due to its unique binderless structure.

- Highly efficient O2-VPSA systems using HCX13Li are running around the world since 2009. For more information,
  please contact via following email.

Contact: sales.molsieve@hanchem.com

Hanchang operates pilot scale O2-VPSA as well as laboratories for
continuous R&D to meet customers’ ever evolving needs with
improved product. Using the pilot scale O2-VPSA,
we can accurately examine the relationships between
the sieve property and O2-VPSA performance and economy.
Also, using pilot scale O2-VPSA we can simulate
the advantage when HCX13Li is applied to customer’s
existing O2-VPSA.

The development of O2-VPSA plant is closely related to the property of molecular sieve. We will gladly provide technical support and, if necessary, pilot scale tests for the following areas:

- Development of O2-VPSA plants using HCX13Li
- Application of HCX13Li to current O2-VPSA plants.

Contact: sieve_tech_support@hanchem.com

For the inquiry about purchasing and others, please contact via following email.

Contact: sales.molsieve@hanchem.com