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Absorption chiller/heater?

Saves electricity: it consumes significantly less amount of electricity compared to electric motor driven heat pumps because it runs on heat from natural gas or waste heat.
Environmentally friendly: it uses “water” as refrigerant instead of synthetic ones such as Freon, which causes negative effects on environment.

Lithium bromide solution

- Non-toxic solution that strongly absorbs refrigerant in absorption natural chiller.
- Environmentally friendly by avoiding the use of Freon, which breaks ozone layer.

Capacity : 350 MT/month

Type A: LiNO4 inhibitor is added.
Type B: Li2MoO4inhibitor is added.
Others: upon customer’s request.

제품사양 목록
Appearance - Colorless Colorless
LiBr wt.% 53±1 55±1
Inhibitor ppm 360~500 130~170
LiOH N 0.11~0.13 0.06~0.09
Calcium(Ca) wt.% Max. 0.01 Max. 0.01
Magnesium(Mg) wt.% Max. 0.001 Max. 0.001
Sulfate(SO4) wt.% Max. 0.02 Max. 0.02
Chloride(Cl) wt.% Max. 0.1 Max. 0.1
Ammonia(NH3) ppm Max. 0.3 Max. 0.3

포장 목록
Product Unit Weight Package
Lithium-bromide solution 30 kg PE drum
300 kg HDPE drum
Other package according to customer’s request

Contact : isales.lithium_bromide@hanchem.com